Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alix's Senior Pics

This is my representative from DAR, Alix. Julie introduced me to her, thanks Julie!! It was such a laid back afternoon with her and her mom, and might I add that she is the most polite teenager I have ever met! I really enjoyed getting to know the two and learning that Alix and I have a lot of the same things in common. The taste for fashion being one! The more we talked, the more we learned we know some of the same people. I really enjoyed this shoot and hope to work for this family again. Alix, I hope you enjoy. These are just a few, and I put a lot on here! There were tons that I love! If you are just here viewing and need senior pics done, please email me at or call 609-1520.

Is she an Anthropologie model!?

Check out her rockin boots!

We found random items at the RR tracks

Can you walk the rails in heels like this?

Her mom saw this one.... good eye!

Last one of the night...trying something new

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