About Me


My name is Ashley Sentell Colon.  I'm from the small city of Scottsboro, Alabama.  I've lived in five different cities and yet somehow I always find my way back to Scottsboro.  My husband, Daniel, and I are currently remodeling the house of our dreams and live there with our two dogs and a cat.  Family and relationships are very important to me and without them I would not be... well... me. 


I've had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember thanks to my father.  I can remember my first Mickey Mouse camera Santa gave me for Christmas as a child.   I remember burning rolls and rolls of film on it.  Photography is a hobby of my fathers and I would use his camera and learn every chance I got.  As I got older, my parents gave me a 35mm of my own.  It was then that I found my passion for photography.  Since then I've been interested in creating art through life; and after having friend after friend asking me to do a photo shoot for them, I knew I had to start a business.  I'm constantly learning and broadening my photography knowledge!


Photos are here to remind us of what we have forgotten. A child's laughter, a newborn's face, a happy tear rolling down a cheek, her hands that were long forgotten, or the tilt of your head as he leans in to kiss you. I strive to capture life's special moments with my camera lens as they happen in the blink of the eye. I create images that are reflections of real life and relationships. Life's Mirror Images photographs special events, newborns, expecting mothers, portraits, boudoir, weddings, and any need for a photographer. I like to blend in with my surroundings and capture each moment in the most natural way possible, thus resulting in less posed and fake smile shots. On wedding days I spend more time shooting the story that I see unfolding and less time in traditional posed shots, however I work with YOU to get exactly what you want out of your special day. Photography inspires me everyday and I take pride in being chosen to be behind the camera for every session I work!