Monday, November 9, 2009

Boudoir photography Birmingham, AL

****This one entry gets a lot of hits. Please be aware this post is 4 years old and my style has changed.  You can find more examples HERE of boudoir sessions. ****

When I was first contacted to do this shoot, I'm not sure what was more exciting, shooting another boudoir shoot or hearing from an old friend.  This friend is getting ready to get married and wanted to make her honey a wedding present he'd remember.  I got so many great shots that he will love, but I can only show a few of the many that are simply fabulous!  I had so many ideas and she was willing to do anything I asked.  Don't even try to guess her b/c you won't!  All I will say is AOT and I mean it! ; )
Enjoy these peeks!!  I so enjoyed this shoot!  I have some photos that make her look like a Maxim model  that I so wish I could show.  You should be in Maxim's hometown hottie! Let me know what you guys think!!!

One of my favs of the day.....


Her wedding shoes!

We were doing some balcony shots and this guy came out....


  1. Me next!!! I soooo love these and would do this in a heartbeat! Oh Ashley we are definately doing a photoshoot when I get home!


  2. I love them!! How cool!!! In 20 more lbs I would love to do this too. Maybe it will be my gift to me for loosing the weight. Love your pics girl!!


  3. Thank you ladies! Whenever you are ready, get with me! I love doing them. I do the best I can to make you feel comfortable and by the end you will be working the camera like crazy!