Friday, January 22, 2010

Oops Mommy!; Scottsboro Al child photographer

This was one fun shoot!!  I often get asked where my inspiration comes from, and it's always somewhere different.  Inspiration for this shoot came from this little boy's mom posting a pic of him terrorizing her bathroom.  I instantly had an idea to photograph this, as well as adding a bubble bath into the mix.  This particular idea is for a special cause.  Crisis Services in Scottsboro recently moved to a new location (where I volunteer) and they are in need of some photos to hang on the walls.  It just so happens that this particular little boy has a grandmother who was a victim of domestic violence, so who better to grace the walls of the crisis center?  There will be more shoots of this family to come, but for now enjoy these!  A special thank you to the Soistman's for the use of their beautiful bathroom! If you know anyone who has or is a victim and would like to be a model for photos to be put up in the office, please contact me.  I will even take non-victims that just want to do something for a good cause!  Reach me by phone 256-609-1520 or email


  1. Omg these are perfect! I have tears! Thank you for these photographs they are wonderful! And as always we are glad to help out!!

  2. Love these! Especially the second one. He is too precious.