Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gallery Wraps; photographer in Scottsboro, Alabama

This is something that every home needs, but you don't see them in many!  Often times gallery wraps on canvas are forgotten about.  I had a client order this one recently and I hung it on my wall to enjoy for a night.  I wanted to keep it for myself!  Imagine a wall of an entire family like this!!  This one is a 10x20 so you can really see his eyes well.  Contact me now if you want one from your photo shoot!!  I have prices listed below.  In the mean time, check this one out. 

Fine Art Canvas Gallery Wrap

8x10 $85
10x10 $85
11x14 $100
10x20 $105
16x16 $110
10x30 $120
16x20 $120
16x24 $130
20x20 $135
20x24 $145
20x30 $160
24x30 $180
24x36 $200

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  1. I've never seen anything like this before, I love it!