Friday, April 16, 2010

Cutest Baby Contest

Are you guys ready to win some free stuff? Sure you are! It's time for a contest... Life's Mirror Images is holding a cutest baby contest. If your child is between newborn and two years old, they are eligible. Send your photos to to enter the contest. I will post the photos on facebook and fans will vote for two weeks on them.  The baby with the most votes wins!  It's that simple.  The winner will win a free photo session with me.  I need all pictures no later than 8am Monday, May 3.  Your pictures can be one you have taken or one anyone esle has taken.  (If it is another photographer, please include their name so that I may give them credit for the photo)  My clients are also eligible!  Now what are you waiting for?  Get me your photos! 


  1. Your pictures are amazing!!! Do you ever have contests for other ages? Just wanted to check. Again, awesome pics!!!! ALL of them.

  2. I do Karena, this was a few years ago and you can follow me on Facebook to see other contests that I hold throughout the year. Thanks!