Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Words of Kindness

I don't usually share things like this, but I'm turning over a new leaf!  I received an email this week from the mother of one of my summer brides, and I can't remember the last time I read something that made me beam from the inside out.  It's not often that a photographer hears feedback after a client gets their pictures and I can honestly say only twice have I gotten feedback from the mother of the bride.  Feedback is what keeps me going, good or bad.  If it's bad, I know what I need to change and I'll always try to make it right.  If it's good, it makes me happy and I continue down that route until someone tells me otherwise.  I have been given permission to use this email and at first I thought about using parts of it, but now I've decided to open up and share it all.  Just read...

Dear Ashley,

I just want to say thank you!! Amber and Shane are not "cookie cutter traditional" and we love that about them. When we began searching for a photographer they wanted someone who was not "traditional". Someone who could capture their day in a way so anyone looking at their pictures would feel the special "love" they have for each other and the fun they were having on this day. My daughter, Ashley, found your blog site. The very next day someone gave me your name. We both shared our information with Amber NOT knowing that we were both giving her YOUR information. When Amber & Shane met with you they both felt they had made the right choice. Now looking at the pictures, I certainly agree. You seemed to get a feel for their personalities and you brought that out in the photographs. You have captured them perfectly and mixed it with your creative eye. You noticed the small things that we were all too busy to really stop and enjoy! You have captured this beautiful day for Amber & Shane!! I know they will enjoy looking at their pictures for years to come. They were well worth the wait.

You have a gift keep using it!!!

Smiles and Thank You Again!!

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