Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cheyenne and Jason

This wedding was one fun wedding!  From the mason jar lanterns and lights all over the back yard, to the rose petals and flowers in the pool, moon pie wedding cake, and the bluegrass band.  It was just a simply perfect Southern wedding in every way.  Jason and Cheyenne took things you wouldn't normally think would be incorporated with a wedding and made it work.  They made it work well!  I enjoyed working with this couple.  You won't see many pics on here of them together and there is a reason for that,
which you will find out in a later post.  In the mean time, look at a peek from their special day!
May I add... When I first got there and saw the pool, I said to myself, "I know people will wind up in it before the night is over, and I so cannot wait." I was right and I love when people are laid back enough to forget the rest and dive right in!! Did I mention I enjoyed this wedding?

These last two pictures are not great and are all wrong in the world of photography,
but I love the story they tell.

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