Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sexy Secret shoot; Alabama Boudoir Photographer

This girl doesn't know just how sexy she is.  She looks great!  I was so pleased with her pics and her attitude while taking them.  She had fun! Thinking about doing a boudoir shoot but just aren't sure of yourself?  Doing this makes you feel sexy and confident and it shows in the pictures.  Check her out!
I couldn't find a baby grand to use and what's just as good if not better?  An organ.  An old classy one that is special to me and I'm stoked I got to photograph it in a sexy secret shoot.


  1. ashley, thank you so much.. not that im anything special in the pics, but your skills are insane!! and it is very true, i had a blast.. cant wait to do it again!!! i have encouraged all my friends to do a shoot, if only for themselves!!

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