Thursday, December 23, 2010

Anna and Brent; Scottsboro Alabama Wedding Photographer

These two were such a joy to work with and I am pleased and honored to be thier wedding photographer. Anna has many great facial expressions that I enjoyed capturing, as well as looking back at. (Anna, you will have so many of the same picture with just different expressions!)  The relationship her family has with one another reminds me of my own.  I found myself fitting right in with them and laughing all day. I really hope to see this family more in the future.  There are so many pictures that I wanted to share that I just adore, but alas Anna and Brent, you will have to wait for those.  In the mean time, here are a few!

Finally, a bridal party that wanted to jump and it was THEIR idea!  Thanks girls!


Don't you just love Anna's ring!?


Um, yes, I have an obsession with this car.  I've had my eye on it all year and finally got up close and personal.  I will forever dream of you. 

Most precious and fun father/daughter dance I have ever witnessed.  Seriously.  Tears and laughter all in one.

"Everybody hands go UP!"

"And they stay there!  And they stay there!"

Boda Getta cheer led by the bride

The groom came out and just had to give all the Auburn fans a big Roll Tide!



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