Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 5 of Project 52

That was the theme for this week
No doubt about it that my husband is my muse.
He makes me happy
and happiness is how I spin my creativeness.
I can talk to him about a photo topic
and we bounce ideas off of each other.
He really is my other half
my missing puzzle piece,
he puts the happy in my ness.
I entered a contest this week and had to write about how wonderful my husband is
so I thought I'd share it with you:
My husband is wonderful bc...
He not only loves me and treats me like a princess, but he actually thinks I am one.
He patiently followed me and waited for 9 years for me to be ready to marry him when I wasn't.
 He makes me laugh EVERY day.
He's ok with me letting my inner 8 year old shine through.
He makes my dreams... come true, if I dream it, he makes sure it happens.
He understands my need to be independent.
He loves my family.
He provides for me emotionally more than I see most husbands do.
He communicates.
He understands.
He teaches me how to grow to a better person.
 He promotes positivity.
Most importantly, he loves me for who I am.
And that my readers is why he is my muse.
We spent this past Sunday fishing together after working on our house,
listening to music,
and enjoying being on the water.
We didn't catch a thing,
but we enjoyed our time together.
As we were headed in, I looked at him and saw myself in his eyes...

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