Sunday, March 27, 2011

Clark Family; Family photographer in Woodville, Alabama

I really enjoyed photographing this family. 
I've been doing some work with Cynde (the mom) for 
her business and mine as well, 
so it was great to meet the rest of her family.
I was so happy to hear she wanted to take pictures at one of my favorite locations
and when I asked about going to a new one I haven't tried before, she immediately said yes.
It pleases me so much when people trust my eye and the ideas I cannot express except to just,
well, show them in photos. 
Cynde has an up and coming business called Hip Chic Designs
check it out
I'm a fan of her work and some of you have seen me wearing a scarf she made.
Below you can see her recent work in the skirt she's wearing.  Check her out!

One of Cynde's creations...

Her newest skirt...

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