Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Family Photographer in Scottsboro, Alabama

I'm going to have to warn you, 
this blog post
is loaded with photos.  
Plus words.
Well at least more than usual. 
I couldn't help it this time.
I'm going to have a really hard time culling this shoot down.
I LOVED spending time with this family
and getting to know the little guy you see below.  
He made a great subject to shoot
and fun to hang out with. 
We all laughed a lot.
I'm also pretty sure there are few people in this world like Kelly, one of the sisters.
For instance...
She was wearing sunglasses
and I held them by hanging them on my pocket.
Well as my luck would have it, 
I dropped them 
and realized it
when we were across the street.
I told Kelly we had to go back.
"No that's ok, we will look for them later."
"What if that truck runs over them."
"It won't, we'll go look when we get finished."
Later (30 min later) we search for them and her sister finds them in the tall grass.
That's when I find out they are about a $200 pair of sunglasses that I had lost.  
I'm glad we found them
but Kelly had no worries, no cares, just a positive attitude.
I like that.
I knew there was some reason I like her so well. 
Ok, enough reading, now onto the photos.
Well what are you waiting for?

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