Friday, February 17, 2012

Kim and Anthony's Wedding Day; Huntsville, Alabama wedding photographer

Get ready for a blog overload!
This wedding was full of so much love and fun that I had a hard time narrowing
photos down to share.  
I wish I had room to blog the whole wedding.
If ever there is a groom who truly 
wears out the words, "I love you and you're beautiful," 
like the lyrics's this one.
He has so much love for this bride and her daughters, it's amazing. 
I love seeing a new family join together and love each other.
Everything they did was about joining a family, and not just joining a man and woman.
The ceremony was charming and romantic,
the mood was set at the reception, 
and everyone let their hair down and celebrated this new family's love.
Anthony, to me you don't truly love your spouse until you love their children
as your own.
This you've already done.
I'm so happy all three of these girls have you.
Kim and Anthony, I wish you the joy and love of a lifetime like you shared on your wedding day.
And never forget what I wrote on your sign in matte.  ; ) 

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