Monday, April 16, 2012

Bliss and Todd's Wedding day; St. Augustine, FL wedding photography

This is the wedding that I sat under blanket tents, laid on the trundle bed, 
and made Barbie and Ken be a part of once in my life.
We've talked about her wedding day 
since we were little brats. 
I don't think either of us imagined a day more special 
than this one. 
If a wedding can be perfect, this was it! 
When Bliss told me she couldn't decide on 
me standing beside her 
or being her photographer...
Well I told her I'd do both and we'd make it work.  
Why crush a childhood dream?
I was asked so many times how I would do it. 
Well this isn't the first time and with the help of a few assistants 
(ahem and thanks to Judy and Ken!! and to the groom too!)
I was able to get some shots and be in a few too.  
I see loads of brides and grooms say their I dos
but not many radiate love like these two.  
Todd, I am so very happy that you love Bliss 
in the way she deserves. 
I wish the two of you the happiness you shared on your wedding day
for the rest of your lives. 
Bliss, I love you very much every day. 


  1. What I love about these photos is that they capture the genuine feel of the wedding for those who were not able to attend while giving those of us who were there an authentic, yet different perspective that allows us to look back and relive such a wonderful event. With a photographer like you everyone should put away their camera phones, soak it all in and relax, knowing you will preserve the moments so they can really be there for their family and friends, not watching them through a screen.

  2. Thank you Brandon! I agree! I wish so many more people would put their phones and cameras away and just trust me!

  3. Beautiful photos! Such a special day for Bliss and you all!