Thursday, May 17, 2012

McWilliams Family; Scottsboro Alabama Family Portrait Photographer

Introducing the McWilliams Family!
This family recently experienced the loss of their home
due to a fire
When someone loses their home due to a fire, 
one of the most treasured things lost
are pictures
 I recently held a session for them so that they 
could gain back some things they lost
and document a new beginning
I hope they enjoy these and the ones to follow

If you are reading this and know someone 
who has lost their home 
due to a fire, tornado, or any other disaster
feel free to have them contact me for a session
free of charge.
This is one way I know I can help them
and would be happy to provide for them!


  1. Ashley-

    Words cant express my gratitude for helping us begin to rebuild our lives. I'm literally crying at my desk at work (thanks!) at the sight of these. You were amazing with Sawyer!


  2. This is so great! You're the greatest!