Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rebecca and Daniel's Wedding; Huntsville Wedding Photographer

I am very happy to post the highlights from this wedding...
My sister's wedding
I love this woman more than she can ever begin to know.
When we were children, we weren't sisters,
but simply friends.
We became "blood sisters"
without knowing one day our parents' would marry
and we'd become real sisters.
We couldn't be more like true blood sisters.
We are so different,
yet our love for each other is beyond measure.
She insisted I stand beside her
capture the moments of her day behind the camera.
It was an honor to do both.
It is my true desire for you to remain as happy as you were
on your wedding day. For you to love Daniel with a fierce and
powerful love just like that chilly day in November.
I love you now and forever.




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