Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tish's Maternity Session; Scottsboro, Alabama Maternity Photographer

I am thrilled beyond words to capture 
this special moment for 
these two.  
That little boy Tish is carrying
is my nephew.
My first blood 
There are no words to express
the love his aunt
already has for him.
As far as siblings go,
my brother and I 
are on opposite 
ends of the spectrum.
We always have been,
but we share a close 
and special bond.
My first memory is 
me at two years old 
meeting him for the first time.
I honestly can remember 
that instant feeling 
of love.
From that moment on
he became mine. 
Some of you may recognize this location
hidden in a valley
with dirt roads.
No cell phone reception, 
The Spring icy cold all year round,
the mouth of the cave,
the green moss.
All the things I love,
my family loves.
This is where 
I grew up, 
my father grew up,
his father, 
and his father. 
I thought it was the perfect place for the 
next generation of Sentell. 
Tish and Erik,
I love you more than you honestly can know. 
I can't wait to meet you!! 

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