Friday, June 12, 2009

Tish's Bridal Shoot #1

I recently worked on bridal session #1 with my little brother's beautiful fiance, Tish. We had such a fun bonding afternoon. She's one of those brides that does whatever I ask her to do, and trusts me with it. She even was willing to trespass for me to snap some shots I've been dying to do!! I can't show all of her pics, cause my nosy brother will find them, but here's a peek without seeing her dress. Tish, I can't wait to do the next shoot! Don't forget to leave comments, or I have no idea what you or dislike! You don't have to be a member to comment, you can even leave an anon!

My Manolos in the sunset. What was I thinking wearing heels to a photo shoot? They got so dirty!

Watching the sunset

This guy was right there with us, along with the fisherman watching in excitement.

See Tish!? I love it!

For some reason this one reminds me of Greece, but it may be because she looks a little like Amanda Seyfried in "Momma Mia."

A rose from my grandparents garden...

A very special engagement ring!!


  1. I love them, Erik looked at the first few then decided that he really didnt want to see the dress and stopped looking.

  2. Love photos where Tish is in the car! Brooke Nix

  3. Of course these are great!! I love the old truck ones and the water ones too!! Miranda