Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Auburn National Championship Celebration

 Some of you already know, I'm a big Auburn fan.  I was born that way.  At first I didn't have a choice, and as I grew up and had a choice, I still wanted to wear orange and blue.  Some of my greatest memories happened in the loveliest village on the plains. I can remember being a child and looking up at Samford Hall thinking one day I was going to have class in that building, looking over the campus from the Eagle's Nest, tailgating in the "old drill field", visiting my favorite cousin in her college home, high fiving players at Tiger Walk, rolling Toomer's Corner for the first time, and meeting Pat Dye and Aubie.  When I grew up, I made even more memories.... College day in high school with my best friend, visiting my best friend in her apartment as we were college students, moving to Auburn to live with my brother and deciding to transfer because I knew it's where I belonged, living with Daniel and Lucy in our little trailer, tailgating with my family and friends, building a relationship with two of the best friends and their dog, the internship of my dreams, and most importantly the day I hobbled across the stage in the coliseum in a high heel and a boot cast to get my diploma.  Auburn is more than just a football team for me.  It's spirit, it's tradition, it's Saturdays in the fall, it's watching the game with my family and closest friends, it's hearing "War Eagle," it's J&M, it's home.
I am proud to say, "I believe in Auburn and love it." I wasn't missing the chance to cheer my team on to the 2nd national championship and 3rd undefeated season of my lifetime.  Here are some highlights of that day.  If you want to see more, I will be loading them onto a web gallery, so contact me at and I will send you the link to get in.
In closing,

    Taken through a pair of binocs!

                                                           Can you spot the ugly ducklings?

        Everybody Hands go up!!

  1957 clip 

   My two favorite Auburn quarterbacks in one spot.  

   The table has been set

I took this of before Tiger Walk started.  Little did he know that he would be the happiest 
little Auburn fan there...

Bc THIS guy (help if you can, we aren't sure who) took off his National Championship 
wind jacket and gave it to that same little boy

  Did I mention Auburn is about making friends?

My favorite from the whole weekend.  
War Eagle.


  1. These are beautiful! I would LOVE to have a high resolution copy of the one of the flags, I of course don't mind paying you for it. I want to have it blown up and put up in our office!

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos. It's hard to tell for sure, but the profile of the Good Samaritan player looks like Zac Etheredge to me. War Eagle!