Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 3 Project 52

Here is Week 3 of Project 52.
The theme was "Shades of Gray"
I did not take this one until the end of the week as I thought and thought about what to photograph.
Then it hit me.
My dad's beard is so dear to me and it's my favorite shade of gray.
Well it's more white than gray. (sorry Dad)
Turned black and white, it's just the perfect shade of gray.
For 20 years all I knew was my dad and with his beard,
until one day he shaved it off and met me
at my favorite restaurant in Auburn.
As he sat down in the booth with me,
I asked if I could help him. 
He told me as a child I used to call him daddy.
I had no clue.
See my dad just isn't my dad without that beard
I love it
I love him
Dad, this one is for you.
Love, Sis

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