Monday, August 22, 2011

Mary Quince and Brandon; Scottsboro Alabama wedding photographer

When I first got a phone call from Brandon AND Mary Quince
(ahem, kudos to Brandon for making wedding arrangements)
on the same day at different times, I knew I was going to love this wedding.
I grew up babysitting, a lot, did I mention A LOT of children.
Mary Quince and her brother were the first babysitting job I ever had
so naturally it was an honor to be asked to photograph her big day.
Through the planning, the rehearsal dinner, and the wedding I got to 
know her more as a grown up.
She's quite a catch Brandon, 
hold on to her tight.  
Mary Quince is the kind of girl that the world needs more of
and just plain ol different.
How many girls wear their mother's wedding dress
walk down the isle with their groom
do their own hair and makeup so they don't look too much not like themselves
use Irish Cream soda for the unity moment
and have her bridesmaids wear colors of a 70s sunset
or don't wear a garter so he throws her slip?
Although their time together has been short thus far
I rarely see two people in love like these two.
Brandon and Mary Quince,
stay newlyweds forever. 

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