Thursday, June 18, 2009


A friend recently stopped by to surprise me with a magnolia bloom, which smelled divine, but I made sure to keep my allergic nose away! I was looking at it later that evening and found a hitchhiker...just had to share
I also want to thank my wonderful close friend, Cale, for scoring me with a logo and business cards, which I love!! I just realized he needed some recognition. If you need a graphic designer, I can hook you up with a really good one!
In the mean time enjoy this photo:

I've really been reflecting a lot this week and counting my blessings. Not that this is anything new bc I'm often reflecting and count my blessings EVERY day, but this week has been more so than usual. Maybe it's because I'm creeping up on my two year anniversary of my wreck... Anyway, one of the things I'm thankful for is to pull up in my driveway and see little Irie sticking her nose out to see who's home. It's so cute that it makes me smile every time, and I'm always looking for her if the dogs aren't already in the house with Daniel. I had to share!

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