Friday, June 26, 2009

Vacation Bible School

Every year I volunteer to help out with Vacation Bible School at my church. Every year I have loads of fun with the kids, but this year has to be the best! I have 10 minutes with each class (yes, I let them run over 10 min), which seems like to small amount of time to have fun, but we have a blast. I'm the luckiest teacher of all because I do activities with every class and not just one. We do fun games with a parachute and I taught some of classes to play ultimate frisbee. I've enjoyed this year for many reasons and yesterday I decided to take my camera and capture the moments I enjoy! I hope you enjoy too and see the happiness on the children's faces! May I add that if you were there and would like a cd, email me at! Look at those eyes!!
Silly pictures, always with children!

My favorite class that makes me want to be an elementary teacher and they were all boys!!

I found him a worm

Playing under the parachute

Yes, we had to make silly faces too!!

Holland's Chapel, over 100 years old... where I grew up going to church, and my mom, her mom, and even her mom!

View from my special spot

When I was little, I would walk around the perimeter of the church and find frogs, so yesterday I did this in remembrance of my childhood. Ok, so maybe I still do this every time!

Yummy snacks thanks to Mrs. Joyce and Mrs. Joyce!

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